Embrace the power of the mind
And use it for Love.
Wow –
The intelligence at your service.
Discovering this
in each moment,
again and again.
I need to get into my heart,
and lose my head!
And help others do the same!
But Love –
Losing your head is not the solution.
It is having your head
at your heart’s service –
That’s when the magic happens.


Each colour represents a different path
A different journey
Leading to the one truth
She is beautiful
Is beauty
My eyes cannot see
But my skin can feel
The light and love
Firing in technicolor
Time stops for no man
They say
But time stands still
All we have is now
To feel is bliss
To breathe is bliss
The bud awakens
Discovers space, it’s new neighbour
Greets it with every ounce of its being
Growing up
Growing out
Growing within
Good morning beautiful
Love to you in this special moment

Sweet soul brother

Sweet soul brother,
Love flows from one heart to another
It feels like a heart breaking
But no, it’s expanding –
Expanding, contracting, then expanding some more
Breathtaking love,
Pure joy
Every cell is smiling
With her delight and beauty and grace.
We thought it was an ache,
But it doesn’t hurt,
It moves,
We move,
As one.
We are one.