Self-purification and self-transformation in Southern India – Dec 2014

Self-purification and self-transformation in Southern India this Winter

pondicherryI’m heading to Pondicherry from 18th December 2014 to 31st January 2015 to lead Transformational Yoga teacher training courses with Swami Vidyanand, founder of the Transformational Yoga system and of the SriMa School. We have various students and masters joining us during that time – some for a self-purification (7 or 10 days), some for 20 day teacher training, some for 30 day teacher training, some for 10 day teacher training top up if they already have a basic level certification.

We will have 2 yoga classes each day, study of yoga philosophy and the chakras, mantra meditation, yoga nidra deep relaxation, and plenty of time to go for walks to the village, chill out, etc. If you are coming for self-purification / holiday, you can come and go much more freely and not come to all the lessons, though it’s really great stuff to learn! If you’re coming for 10 days self-purification you will pay less than for teacher training as you won’t need certification, but if you decide you would like to gain your basic level teacher training that can be arranged when we are in India.

The investment is 700 Euros for 10 days self-purification, which includes everything I’ve mentioned above, and three meals per day and accommodation sharing a double room at the guesthouse.

Katy helps me to feel open, calm and focused with her inclusive, supportive and receptive teaching style. During her yoga classes I feel present, but I also go on a journey to deeper awareness which is amazing! She uses her deep spiritual understanding and yoga knowledge to connect you with you for the precious time that you are in the class, but more importantly her guidance stays with you long afterwards. Since taking Katy’s classes my mind is clear, my body is flexible and strong, and I have an awareness of my self and others that I didn’t think was possible. Her classes are the highlight of my week, but even more they have become part of my life. – Claire