Self transformation

Purify and heal yourself on a self transformation course

This is a 10 day self transformation course. 50 contact hours, 50 hours non-contact, with options to complete as either a 10 day intensive course, 2 x 5 day week courses or 3 x 3 day weekend courses.

Elements that will be covered in our self transformation courses:

  • Structure of the outer self and structure of the eternal self
  • Relation with the 7 chakras and yogic bodies
  • How to experience the outer self and eternal self
  • Outer self purification: Physical body purification, Prana body purification, Mental body purification, Psychic body purification
  • Discovery and implementation of yogic tools: Meditation methods, traditional Hatha Yoga, Transformational Hatha Yoga, Pranayama with 5 dimensions – Apana, Samana, Vyana, Maha Prana and Udyana

Upon completion of this self transformation course you will receive a certificate from the SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga.

If you would like to carry on to teacher level, the 100 hours from this course can be counted against your 200 level Transformational Yoga teacher training.

Qualify as a Transformational Yoga teacher, for yourself and to share with others

Katy leads 100 level and 200 level Transformational Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTCs) in the UK and Europe, and assists Swami Vidyanand, the founder of the Transformational Yoga system and the SriMa School on 500 level TTCs.

Join us in Paros in Greece this June, or Pondicherry in South India in January. Read the syllabus and book onto the course. For more info contact Katy on +447748849829 or