Starting our practice with the Invocation Mantra

We open and close our Transformational Yoga practice with the Invocation of Divine Mother Light Mantra.

We invite the Divine Mother Light, Bliss, Consciousness and Truth into our four bodies – our physical body, our breath, our mind and our heart – for eternity.

Invocation of Divine Mother Light Mantra

The universal sound

We invoke Supreme Bliss into our bodies

We invoke Awakened Supreme Consciousness into our bodies

We invoke Supreme Truth into our bodies


What is the Divine?

The root of the word Divine is literally godlike, from the Latin deus, related to Greek zeus, div in Persian and deva in Sanskrit.

To some, the Divine is God. To others the Divine is the Mother, Mother Nature, Pachamama. The Divine is our True Self, our shining light.

Importance of the Invocation Mantra

–  Forming a protective energy field around us and the area surrounding
–  Awakening our inner light and true nature
–  Opening the heart to Divine Light
–  Connecting or communicating with our higher being

We invoke Divine Light directly; this is the source of all light, source of the Universe – the Supreme Mother Light, our source and creator. The source of truth, knowledge, consciousness, bliss, harmony, beauty, joy, all of which our true self embodies.

Om shanti.

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